The Peculiar Prop Placement Predicament

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The Peculiar Prop Placement Predicament

Post by Nitsel_ on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:27 pm

So, I've seen a one, maybe two of the faction bases change a few times lately. Personally, I don't like it. Now, I correct me if I'm wrong, but these props appear to be completely asspulled. At least the materials do. I don't mind it having basic fortifications but changing it on a regular basis is just retarded and completely asspulling unless you ICly gather the materials.

One base in particular is the Grim Saviors' base.

This base in particular has changed about four to five times since I've first joined. All rather major changes.
Not only does the truck that seemingly came from nowhere not make sense to be there, but they got all these fences, managed to string a zombie(?) up with rope. It all just seems like an asspulled attempt to seem scary, or edgy if I may.
If someone could clarify how they got their hands on these supplies ICly, then roleplayed getting it all set up then I will officially apologize for this.

I brought it up in OOC like thirty-or-so minutes before writing this, got a bit of an interesting response.
[OOC] Marat 'Mute' Demidov: I swear, these faction bases are changing every day and the materials look like they have more asspull behind them than a pornstar trying to remove a buttplug
[OOC] Tom Dixon: Yup. Fox tells me I can't use crates as fortification but I see all these palces full of fences, barricades, and tons of other stuff and I just ask myself how they got it so quick..
'Walker' has gone to Tom Dixon's location.
Demonhunter115 the banished has connected to the server.
[PM] Marat 'Mute' Demidov: It's not even that. They change the way its set up every few days, deleting and adding new props. Grim Saviors is a prime example.
[PM] Tom Dixon: Yeah
[PM] Marat 'Mute' Demidov: I might just bring it up on the forums.
And I did.

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Re: The Peculiar Prop Placement Predicament

Post by b0bpwns on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:31 pm

Yeah I am also confused by this. Fox told me that you need to find building stuff IC such as wooden boards, I don't know how this applies to fences or furniture however..


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Re: The Peculiar Prop Placement Predicament

Post by The Absolute Zer0 on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:40 pm

Yeah, I think it's also unnecessary. Though I do believe that if your faction is active a lot, and started from Humble beginnings, then you should be allowed to work the base upwards over long periods of time and lots of RP put into it.
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Re: The Peculiar Prop Placement Predicament

Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:41 pm

The Grim Saviors base is there purely to be an antagonist, as noone cares to play a badguy, and you truly do need a proper bad guy for any form of roleplay, Though I didn't place the truck there, and it truly did irritate me a bit, as it's rather nonsensical.
The fortifications themselves are a tinch required, otherwise the people in the server with copious amounts of weaponry, asspulled body armor, and ammunition would simply knock it over on the actual day of activity.

Other than that there haven't been any changes, par for the day we actually had the grim saviors become active.

Along for the military base, that was changed as it's now completely abandoned.

As for the fortifications, We never really had a real system for how people would build bases, Unfortunately it becomes a great hassle when 70% of the map gets claimed, and it becomes impossible for us to place actual loot without having 4 areas people check regularly by alt running through, so that's in place to atleast make it a bit more difficult for someone to just pull their belt straps up, and say "I AM OF CLAIMING WEARHOUZ"

(Disclaimer, the above is simply my opinion on the matter.)
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Re: The Peculiar Prop Placement Predicament

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