The half-assed intoduction of a full-assed asshole.

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The half-assed intoduction of a full-assed asshole. Empty The half-assed intoduction of a full-assed asshole.

Post by Nitsel_ on Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:59 am

Hi, I'm Nitsel. My friends call me.. on the phone. Or on skype sometimes.

      After three years of solitary confinement, severe over-consumption of monkeys encased inside barrels, a hint of donger, I've stumbled upon this little number of a community here. You can thank Llamar for that. Even though I simply was curious and joined off of him after asking some questions. Anywho, I'm just your average roleplayer who's been in the game for about... say.. two years or so? I change my name rather regularly on steam but if you wanna add me then I feel sorry for you But if you actually do, then do it, don't be shy. I don't bite too much, only during sex. I have an unhealthy obsession with butts, Mungo Jerry, cola, and most importantly, butts.

     To keep this short, straight, and to the point, I'm gonna end it here. Not only because It's five in the fucking morning, but also because this god damn penguin is giving me odd looks.

memes :^)

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