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Post by Captain Snyder on Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:42 pm

"Three years of this stupid shit."

Andrew - WIP 9sPOolD

-Status sheet-

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Light brown

Weight: 114/126(Equipment)

Height: 5'2

Ethnic: White

Mental Health: Down

Physical Health: Slowly growing.

-Journal Logs-

Data Entry 001:   Day 0, 2016. Mom and dad had me watch the news. My parents are very scared about this. They think it'll happen here, and soon. Other cities have been "attacked", they're saying, by this virus. To the point of, "We're leaving the city". Mom and dad didn't let us take much, and they took mostly, as they said "Essentials". We're going to our grandparents' farm. I figured that it'd be kind of cool to keep a journal around to document what's going on. My teacher always said that if something bad's happen, to keep a journal and to write in it frequently. End of day.

Entry 062:   Day 72, 2016. The radio are calling Martial Law, whatever that means. People are being 'relocated' to other cities for safety, though my parents do not think it's a good idea. With the infection going on pretty bad in populated areas. Me and my brother have been playing a lot of chess lately, and mom makes me work a lot more now. Cutting tree's down, which, is very tiring, to helping grandpa hunt for food. It's bad. I remember when I first saw an infected, a long while ago. It was a horrible sight to behold, his eyes were bleeding and so was his face in general. It was like a zombie from something like, Resident Evil or something.

I miss movies.

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone

Joshua - You're my lil' bro. And you need to start using your fuckin' head.

James / 'Runner' - This guy's practically like a mayor of his own little community or something. It isn't a big community, though, I'm trying to get my brother to stay here, so I should impress this guy.
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