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Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:49 pm

Ziska Avila
Ziska's Profile Capture
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Mental Health: Stable
Physical Health: Healthy as a horse.
Longer Physical Description: Yval'Te, Female, 7'6, 53 Years Old, 'undercut' brown Hair, Light Purple Eyes, Grey Skin, "43215" tattoo'd on wrist, Scar across stomach,
Voice Description: She speaks in a warm, and calm manner. Her speech articulate, and collected, and has a heavy accent.

Clothing Description: Knee length coat with fur lining, Black scarf, Heavy duty pants, Large Gloves, Knee high furlined boots. (Volpa Armor & Jumpsuit under clothing)

Armor Description: 7'6, Vocoded Voice, Feminine Physique/Black Helmet, Volpa Armor, Black Jumpsuit, Pale Metal decorating Armor.

(Don't Meta)
She's tall, and can throw alot of weight behind her punches, Her species incredibly strong.

Strong & Conditioned
Through exercise, and routine workouts she has become Stronger and Conditioned, Capable of running quite a distance.

She can take a beating and keep on ticking.

PTSD/Night Terrors
Through the traumas of the infection, she has developed PTSD.. triggered by the sound of engines.
Periodically suffering night terrors, waking in a cold sweat, sometimes screaming.

She's incredibly anti-social, causing her to avoid humans more often than not.

Once angry, she tends to stay that way for quite a while.

Due to the fact she's alien, She cannot use human clothing, or weaponry, being limited to melee weapons, her fists, or whatever Yval'Te Tech she can get her hands on.
Also often suffering severe racism from others.

Fast Metabolism
Her body is capable of healing slightly faster than the average persons.
but her body burns calories alot faster than the average person as well, causing her to require food more frequently.

Expert Proficient Competent Novice Incompetent Literally Incapable
Yaati'Da Speaking
Yval'Te Technology Use
Yval'Te Surgery
Yval'Te Physician
Child Rearing
English Speaking
Human Surgery
Human Physician
Human Firearms Use
Human Technology Functioning

(Will Update upon request)
Animosity Hated Disliked Neutral Liked Friend Family
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