Marat Demidov's Status Sheet & Personal Event Journal

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Marat Demidov's Status Sheet & Personal Event Journal Empty Marat Demidov's Status Sheet & Personal Event Journal

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Marat Demidov's Status Sheet & Personal Event Journal Balaclava_3_hole_black

"If only I could speak..."

-Status sheet-

Hair: ?

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 224 Pounds

Height: 6'2

Usual Attire: Dark black balaclava w/ two eye holes and a mouth hole, Thick black cotton coat extending down to his knees, Dark black slacks, Lightweight combat boots, Bright white leather gloves.

Mental Health: Hallucinating.

Physical Health: Fit/Muscular.


A small, black notebook with a size that could fit into the average jean pocket.:

** The writing inside all appears to be written in seemingly perfect cursive.
Page One:
Entry one: September 21, 2015
I heard that, if one cannot express one's self through words, they should write it down. Since all I can really do is write things down, I've decided to start keeping track of it all in this handy little book I picked up for a pretty good price.

Entry Two: May 21, 2016
Last night, the most astonishing thing happened. Almost as if something straight out of a science-fiction film. The news is saying four portal-like entities opened in various places across the globe. The militaries of those locations are setting up fortifications around them as a precaution.

Entry Three: May 28, 2016
Something even more unbelievable happened today. Aliens came out of the portals that opened a week ago. They're unbelievably tall and have oddly gray skin but other than that they look almost exactly like humans from what I've seen.
Page Two:
Entry Four: May 30, 2016


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