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Post by Jadeboat on Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:42 am

Vincent Pecora Children-of-men-bfi-00n-mqa

-Status sheet-

Age: 38

Hair: Chocolate brown w/ grey

Eyes: Pale Blue

Height: 5'11"

Ethnic: White

Mental Health: Normal

Physical Health: Decent


Vincent is a 38 year old man who stands at 5 feet 11 inches. His voice is deep but has a soft tone to it. He has a lanky build, but looks to be in decent shape for a man his age. His hair was a rich chocolate brown however now it tends to have a more dirty look to it, along with a few grey strands here and there. His eyes are a pale blue and sunken in. A tired look shows on his face. His beard has just started growing back. He's fluent in English and can understand Spanish, however he has trouble speaking it. He also knows a bit of Italian from growing up in a neighborhood with a lot of Italian families.


Vincent tends to wear an old ragged sweater with an outdated Boston Red Sox logo on it. Over the sweater he wears a light brown jacket, it's clean enough and has no major tears in it. His jeans are a bit baggy and have a few holes near the knees. He has an old pair of converses that he wears. The soles are almost worn down and the shoes look like they've been through hell.


Scorned/Hated/Not liked/Indifferent/Okay/Friend/Close friends/Family/loved ones/Dead/Gone

Assets & Flaws


Hand to hand combat- He use to fight a couple rounds in the ring so he knows some moves.
Cooking- He's not Gordon Ramsey, but he can make a mean soup.
Stealth- He's too tall to be hiding in small spaces, trees though are an option.
Old- He's almost hit the big 40, and his bones and speed won't be what they use to, but he still has a couple more years to go.
Short tempered- Comes with old age. He won't start fights for no reason but if you're getting on his nerves he may snap at you.
Firearms combat- His hands shake a lot when he tries to aim mostly resulting in a miss, so he tends to fight more hand to hand.


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