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Jacksone Milee

A 'Average' survivors profile.

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(It's pretty much a random image I found, I take no credit for it /WHAT SO EVER/, if the owner of this image does wish for me to 'take-down' this work, then I'll be more glad to do so.)
What He'd generally look like, not fully in detail but just the generals.

|=========/ Personal, physical and in character information! \ =========|

Birth Name - Jacksone Milee                 English - Nationality
Age- Late - Early Thirtys                                                         November 15th, ??? - Birth Date

Birthplace - ???                                            English - Languages

Disorders - N/A                                               Chaotic Evil - Alignment

Faction - None                                    Scarred, Lonely - Condition

Longer Physical Description: Jacksone Milee is a complex person, his hair is a messy, dirty blonde flamboyant hair style that drapes over his head. . His tone of voice is rather soft and relaxing as well with his posture. He is naturally girly in a sense, but still packs a lot of muscle. He stands around a five-eleven in height, and weighed around a hundred and fifty pounds. . quite normal and fit for him self, as it would cause no problems atlest. . His eyes are a deep brown, and his face simple. . with the lack of facial hair in general. Other then that, he has normal features but slightly feminine in nature. . but it wouldn't be to interesting besides his flamboyant tastes.

Voice Description: His voice is a even, light toned voice.

Clothing Description: Jacksone Milee has a large array of different outfit and clothing items, of course not the top of the line but minimal needs for any survivor in rough times. His usual outfit is composed of a a thin white muscle shirt with a leather jacket  'cut' with no sleeves over it. A small PDA like wrist-watch along his right wrist as well. His pants or lower ware are composed of jeans, heavily padded and reinforced with odds and ends. . His hair is kept neat and he often has gloves on. As well, he would carry a small bag around his shoulders. . and new military grade boots along his feet.

|=========/ Relations , Skill sets and thoughts! \ =========|

Please, do comment with your FULL character name

Animosity | Hated | Avoided | Disliked | Acquainted | Trusted | Friend | Close friend | Family / Loved


/==| Assets and Flaws |==\


Young- Being young, he is well fit and pretty lean for his weight and age.

Amazing Stamnia- Not compared to a runner, his stamina and cardio is well kept and fit.

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