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Hoshkio Yatkisa

A 'Average' survivors profile.

Hoshkio Yatkisa 8qlDtXU
(It's pretty much a random image I found, I take no credit for it /WHAT SO EVER/, if the owner of this image does wish for me to 'take-down' this work, then I'll be more glad to do so.)
What Hoshkio generally looks like, not fully in detail but just the generals. And no thin bandages around her chest for some reason. .

|=========/ Personal, physical and in character information! \ =========|

Birth Name - Hoshkio Yatkisa                   English/Japanese - Nationality
Age- Late - Late Twentys                                                         November 5th, ??? - Birth Date

Birthplace - ???                                            English - Languages

Disorders - N/A                                               Neutral - Alignment

Faction - None                                    Scarred, Lonely - Condition

Longer Physical Description: Hoshkio is a unique person, her eyes are a lovely shade of icy pale blue, that seem to have a slight resemblance of hope and kin-ship. Along with her other facial features, her lips are a natural shade of light pink that seems to match rather well with his appearance. Her facial structure is a natural yet balanced feminine shape. Along with this, her hair is long enough to just reach past her shoulders, but it can be curly at times. . Her height is around 5'5". She has a even and toned mesomorph physique

Voice Description: Her voice is a even, light toned feminine voice, normal for her gender.

Clothing Description: Hoshkio has a large array of different outfit and clothing items, of course not the top of the line but minimal needs for any survivor in rough times. Her usual outfit is composed of a baggy green-tank top with a bar code on the chest and back, bandages wrapped around her shoulders and minimal tattoos around her shoulders as well. She has a thick pair of grey jeans that seem to be reinforced with patching, duct tape and other items strong enough to act as padding, but thin enough to keep efficient movement. Her foot ware is a clunky pair of old hiking boots, just above her foot size, but other then the items she is mostly seen with. . she has a large backpack slung over both shoulders, and a small beret often keeping her hair up.

|=========/ Relations , Skill sets and thoughts! \ =========|

Please, do comment with your FULL character name

Animosity | Hated | Avoided | Disliked | Acquainted | Trusted | Friend | Close friend | Family / Loved

Ananeise Servusem- Ana is one of the sweatiest and kindest people I've ever met in this sadist world. She really does have a warm feeling to her and she makes me feel like I'm home. I love her to death and we really do have something special, thank you for being you friend.

/==| Assets and Flaws |==\

Young- Being young, she is well fit and pretty lean for her weight and age.

Amazing Stamnia- Not compared to a runner, her stamina and cardio is well kept and fit.

"Fear of the Dark"- A simple fear, but it often strikes her a lot. . rendering her scared when it comes to ill-lighted situations!

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