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Application: Greenthumb, M.D. Empty Application: Greenthumb, M.D.

Post by Greenthumb, M.D. on Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:17 pm

Steam ID:

Time in the server: About two days.

What skills are you applying for: Experience as an under-cover Narcotics Officer in Camden, New Jersey.

Why do you need this authorization?: Of course I do not need this, but I figured If I showed
you guys that I knew what I was doing that you would grant it.

Character name: Kornegal Jr. , Jaxon

Backstory: (Atleast 3 paragraphs.)
Growing up in a rough town of Camden New Jersey, Jaxon Kornegal Jr. was the product of
a young heroin addict's misfortune. Elizabeth Kornegal was just 18 when she married her
drug-peddling boyfriend. Jaxon Kornegal, an American Native from the tribes of Minnesota.
Shortly after Elizabeths impregnantion her husband was found brutally murdered. The crime was never solved, but it was deffinately drug related. Jaxon grew up bouncing around different orphanages in Jersey City and Camden. Eventually he was taken in by a Marine who changed the pot-head defiant jerk into a fine young adult. Jaxon decided he didn't want to risk the military, but rather he wanted to be a cop, he wanted to help his neighborhood. Graduating the New Jersey Police Academy in 2004 and was assigned to the Narcotics Investigation Squad of Camden. Commonly refered to as NISC this squad was an elite group of men who investigated and infultrated the dangerous spread of heroin into urban New Jersey.

       His decorated 12 year career, which also included Croud Control, hand-to-hand and weapons training from Academi Security Consulting, was brought to an abrupt and unlicensed stop when he decided to flea the urban areas, due to the shit hitting the fan. He headed to the reserver in Minnesota where his father was from. His blood content was accepted, but he was the furthest thing from a Native. Even with his skill of blending in, he couldn't lie his way into an ancient culture. The unimportant secluded reserve was barely touched. Eventually he was removed from the reservation and now tries to fend for his life in Minnesota. Growing out his hair and losing the up-kept officer look to blend with the locals.

10 Lines of RP using this auth: (Medical auths = MedRP, Repair Auths = Repair RP, Et cetera.) A Narcotics Officer is trained in hand-to-hand combat and any other Police Assets. As well as his training from Academi.
Scenario A: Firing a standard Glock.
/me reaches into his shirt, pulling the Glock .45 out of his shoulder holster.
Two snaps deafen Jaxon as two rounds are fired into his direction.
/me leans down the hall quickly, firing three or four rounds to supress the men.
The two hide in a seperate room of the hall.
/me leans down the hall, waiting.
the first man pops his head out, and a bullet slams into his forehead, he then violently jerks back as part of his brains and skull paint the doorframe.
The other man pops out and is hit in the kneecaps, falling down and dropping his weapon.
/me walks up to the injured man, ignoring his pleas and blasting a hole into his head.
/me slides the Glock into the holster after engaging the safety.
/me reaches to his radio, speaking into it.
"Cover was blown, I had to blast the boss and his capo, there's a lot of drugs and money in here, definately a good bust."
/me spits on the second body, dropping waiting for the CSI to arrive.

How did this character learn these skills: (Atleast 2 paragraphs, can be explained in backstory.) Explained in the backstory, but I will use this to describe my training and what items I might have ICly. 12 Years as a Narcotics Officer in Camden. 4 Classes from Academi Security. CQB, Riot Control, Combat Leadership, and a good deal of weapons. The items would be a badge, a Glock .45, and of course the training.

Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, Or if you fail to meet standards while using them that they CAN be revoked?: Yes, of course.

Greenthumb, M.D.

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Application: Greenthumb, M.D. Empty Re: Application: Greenthumb, M.D.

Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:04 pm

I'm sorry but honestly the backstory isn't very detailed at all, especially for the kind of character you're asking for, Detail what he did as an officer maybe, Try telling more of a story about it, why he left the force, why he went back to minnesota, Et cetera. And a crime-scene investigator DEFINITELY wouldn't spit onto a carcass, that's contaminating the scene entirely.
I'm incredibly hesitant to give auths that are asking specifically for items that they don't need 110% for their authorization(Doctor's being given basic supplies, as they need those to medrp.)

Going to have to say denied, for this one. As it honestly seems like you're mostly asking for being a trained, And given immediate access to a firearm.
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner
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