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Post by Nutmeg on Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:28 am

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:36507262

Time in the server: Three Days

What skills are you applying for: US Navy Special Ops Soldier

Why do you need this authorization?: To locate the Canal Military Outpost and find out the reason why the Outpost has not responded to Command

Character name: Michael Baxton

Backstory: Michael Baxton was born on 1998, November 10. He was born in Missouri, Kansas City. He grew up medium class as his family was in the Military years as his great Grandpa was a medic, then his grandpa was a Pilot, and his dad was in the Marine Corps. Then while his dad was in the Iraq war, he thought of being in the Navy after hearing his family stories to finish the roles of his family history and do good for his services in the Army and protect the country.

              When Michael was fourteen, he asked his dad if he can go to Military School and his father didn't stop him. Michael packed up his personal things as he was home on December, he said his goodbyes to his mom and father and went to his Military School in Hargrave Military Academy. He was in Military School for three years and left after graduation ended in 2015. When 2016 came and heard about the Rifts, he was getting scared and worried for his family. He went back to find them though he only saw his dead Father and his mother missing.

             After the Rift incident came, he went to a United States Recruit office in a Refugee camp, he signed up to be in the Navy to make his father proud. Making himself a Navy Spec Ops. After a year passed and he finished his training, he started to hear about "The Storm" and he was sent with a group of other Soldiers and Medical Personal. While he was protecting the Scientists, he was observing them, seeing the infected, knowing what they can do to other people he sworn to protect. He decided to try and not think about them being people anymore after seeing what torture the carriers did to other people.  

            After two years of protecting the Personal. It was over for trying to find a cure and they started to focus on killing the Aliens that had invaded their planet from the events in 2016. He was stationed back on a important Carrier carrying High-Ranking Navy Personal and his Admiral. He was stationed there for six more years until then he was sent out on a mission of a virus carrier sourced in Texas and he was sent with a five man team. They found another Carrier of the virus and shot her dead though he still has dreams of her sometimes.

              After that mission, he was sent out to search for a non-responsive Outpost in Minnesota and investigate of why the Outpost has not responded to Command. As he was arriving by Chopper, his helicopter had a malfunction and had crashed landed in a Canal, he was the only survivor and he heard a bunch of footsteps heading towards his 10-20 so he had to use the Canals to hide and find his objective.

10 Lines of RP using this auth(s):
** Michael Baxton would be aimming his M4A1 Silenced around as he would move inbetween the five men he was assigned with, he stops against the wall with them as he stays silent, turning his radio volume down

** Michael Baxton would look at the Pointman as he takes out the Bandit with his M4A1 Silenced then sees the Second man do the same to a nearby Bandit, following the Second man as he holds up his M4A1 Silenced raised and ready to fire

**Michael Baxton would shoot at a Bandit to the Second man's left side to cover him and quickly go back to scanning the area around them, he would continue to do this before reaching to a building, getting into Breacher postion

**Michael Baxton would wait for Pointman to give him the signal to breach the door, as Pointman does, he sends a kick inside and he tosses in a flashbang, causing a loud bang go off then Pointman goes in left side of the room as he goes in the right side of the room, the other team does the same pattern, shooting the Bandits in the building

**Michael Baxton would then lower his M4A1 Silenced rifle, signalling that the building is cleared and motions them to the other door at the back of the room, he gets in postion as before and does the same tactics, he would toss in the flashbang but as they go in, he aims at the Bandit aimming to a Civilian's head with a Heckler & Koch USP .45

**Michael Baxton aims closely at the Bandit's head and would release a 5.56mm round, causing it to hit him in the face and killing him, causing him to fall back and he secures the terrified Civilian, zip tying her as he sets her on her knees and sets her in cover

**Michael Baxton would then hurry behind his team, going towards the another building as him and his team take out any Bandits without causing any loud noises to attract other Bandits in the area, he sets up as Breacher again as he waits for the signal

**Michael Baxton would soonly then kick the door in to the building, letting Pointman go in in the left side and him goes on the right, taking out Bandits but one of the Bandits shoot the Pointman, he shoots the Bandit that shot the Pointman and motions the medic to Pointman

**Michael Baxton then searches the building like he did the last time to the other building, he finds a cell full of girls and would motion the Fourth Man to grab the Chain Pliers and cut the chain which he does, he would then open the cell door and searches around for the Carrier girl

**Michael Baxton looks into all of their eyes before then finding the real Carrier Girl, he grabs her shoulder and takes her out of the Cell as Michael, Fourth, and Fifth man set her against the wall, causing the Sixth and Second man carry Pointman to Evac, the three shoot the Carrier girl as then cover the other three that head to the Evac point

**Michael Baxton sees the Evac chopper, he shoots the other Bandits rushing them as then he gets on the chopper with the rest of his Squad, they fly back to the Carrier as the Girl haunts his life now as she was his first human he killed, now knowing this wasn't a easy job

How did this character learn these skills:
       Michael Baxton was sent into the US Navy Special Forces camp that was heavily fortified as he was taught basic training then the hard training. First was his basic training where he aced as he remembered the training from Military School. He climbed the large wall at 16.7 seconds as he crawled (went prone) under barbwire while under-fire by blanks in a rifle under 20.6 seconds. His second training was the Marksman and Rifle training, he was able to hit close to the center of the center but only was able to get close in the Second circle.
       Michael Baxton then had to do the Agility (How fast he can run), Endurance (How long he can run), and Acrobiotics (Jumping) training. He was the third quickest man in his training team, he was the second longest man to run far and for his last he was the third again. His last training was CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and he was actually well talented for Martial Arts though not the best in his class. He was able to learn a few new moves from his CQC trainer and after his last training ended, they soonly departed from boot camp and he was in nineth out of all people who were the best in his training team.

Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, Or if you fail to meet standards while using them that they CAN be revoked?: Yes, I do


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Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:47 pm

The backstory was decent, but every compressed, I don't have many other comments to make about it, though one problem I do have is I don't entirely want to bring in more ultral33tbadazz's that'll just turn into "Lol, I can kill u cus Im traend."
I'll keep this character in mind for the next story arc maybe? Wink
For now, Temporarily denied.
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