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Post by Jackikus on Wed Dec 31, 2014 1:41 am

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14213473

Time in the server: Four Days.

What skills are you applying for: The ability to efficiently use a bow and arrow. As well as create both bows and arrows.

Why do you need this authorization?: To hopefully enhance the RP of myself and others by creating someone somewhat more unique than your average guy with super muscles, super Kevlar, and super guns. In addition, it could help out the economy somewhat from Dan selling both meat and hides.

Character name: Daniel Shaw

Backstory: (Atleast 3 paragraphs.)
  Daniel never was the same as all the other kids at school. Just kidding. Daniel lived a pretty basic life in Pennsylvania. His parents were divorced, but were still pretty decent friends. He went to school about an hour outside of Philadelphia, to the East. For the early years of his life, he never really took an interest in many extracurricular activities. He was never involved in any clubs or sports, until about the age of thirteen.
  It was at that age, when Daniel was "hanging out" at a friend's house, that he learned how much he loved the idea of a bow and arrow. It started out as just a fantasy, wanting to be just like Katniss or Legolas, but as he learned more about them, he began to appreciate archery as an art. That Christmas, his mother and father collectively bought him a real metal bow, with real arrows. With, of course, the accompanying talk about responsibility with dangerous items.
  Everyday, Dan practiced more and more with the weapon. He killed, both in and out of hunting season, small animals squirrels and rabbits. Though, the more he used, the less he liked it. It just didn't seem.. authentic. Thank god for being born into a middle class family, Dan used the internet to his advantage. He read up on how to create his own bow, and his own arrows. Once again, he took to the woods, although this time not to hunt. He didn't grasp the concept, but sure enough, with more practice, he slowly got better and better.
 Skip forward two years, Dan is sitting in the woods, not too far in. Like he did often in recent times, he was simply enjoying the outside world, relaxing and hoping to get away from life for a little while. It seemed this particular evening was not the time to do it. He began to hear a woman yelling, his mother, calling for him. He made his way back to the house, only to be told to pack his things. Only the things he needed. Although he did not quite understand, the look in his mother's eye scared him out of questioning her. He ran to his room and quickly began to stuff some clothing as well as a jacket or two into a suitcase. Not quite understanding what was going on he also packed his "vitally important" toothbrush and mouthwash. As he hurried down the stairs, he paused, something was screaming to him to go back into his room, and he did so. His father had always taught him to believe in his gut instinct. On his bed, almost beckoning to him, was his bow. He knew his parents would only see it as a hobby, not something important, but he couldn't help the wrenching instinct to take it. So he did. And little did he know it would serve him well in the coming years.
(Too me, this looks terrible, I wrote it at two in the morning, and I'm  always extra critical to my work. Bare with me.)

10 Lines of RP using this auth: (Medical auths = MedRP, Repair Auths = Repair RP, Et cetera.)

*Daniel shuffles through the snow slowly, taking extra care to make minimal noise. He rapidly surveys the area around him, before setting his gaze upon a single squirrel in a tree.* (1)

*Straightens his posture, shuffling slightly to the right to align himself perpendicularly with the squirrel. He follows the action by moving his feet about shoulder length apart.* (2)

*Reaches his spare arm back, pulling an arrow quietly from his quiver and nocking it on the bow* (3)

*Raises the dark wooden bow in one swift motion to be aligned with the view of his dominant eye. (In this case being the right one.)* (4)

*Pulls the arrow back with the string slowly, stretching it out tightly before relaxing his fingers, allowing the arrow to fly from the nocked position on the bow, straight into the body of the squirrel.* (5)

*Dan Watches as the squirrel falls from the tree into the ground, cursing to himself quietly for not hitting the head.* (6)

*Walks up to the squirrel, swinging his backpack around and setting it onto the ground. He grabs the shaft of the arrow, carefully pulling it from the body and reaching back, sliding it back into the quiver.* (7)

*Picks the squirrel up with both hands, bending it unnaturally in order to snap its bones, making it easier to shove into his pack.* (Cool

*Stands back up, swinging the backpack around his shoulders, and sliding the bow over his arm and around his right shoulder as well.* (9)

*Looks around the area a bit more, scanning the trees before turning around, making his way back towards the direction of his campsite.* (10)

How did this character learn these skills: (Explained in backstory.)

Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, Or if you fail to meet standards while using them that they CAN be revoked?: I understand this policy fully, and offer my word, however much it may mean, that I will not abuse these authorizations, should they be granted.

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Post by b0bpwns on Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:24 am

I'd support this but bows and arrows can be rather weird in combat, but I don't matter, it's up to the admins!


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Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:08 pm

You should do two linebreaks at the end of paragraphs, it makes it easier on the eyes, Along with the skills section only containing asking for bows and arrows, along with the ability to use and make them, None of the actual traits a hunter would need to do their profession.

Though I would love there to be more hunters, I strongly dislike bows and arrows in roleplay, as it turns into ridiculous amounts of asspulling. :S

You can have the skills that would go with being a hunter, Knowledge of skinning, tanning, the different sections of meat you can eat, and the like.
But not the bow and arrow end of it.
Authorized on those conditions.
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner

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