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Post by The Absolute Zer0 on Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:09 pm

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:25197858

Time in the server: About 3 days.

What skills are you applying for: I am applying for a basic medical knowledge, along with Auths to have knowledge about bartending

Why do you need this authorization?: I don't need the Auth, though I think it would improve RP on my side, and make it so my character has some skills that he can work with.

Character name: Braden Deval

Backstory: (Atleast 3 paragraphs.)

Braden was born into a upper class family in the city of Saint Paul, where his father worked as a successful stocks owner, and his mother was a doctor, working for Bethesda Hospital. But you don't care about them, you care about Braden.

Braden was curious as a kid, always asking questions about random things. His father was almost always away from home, either on a business trip, or away at a hotel, due to the recent fight that always seemed to happen between his mother and father. But they never wanted a divorce. They always brought Braden into the equation, saying "He wouldn't want us to break up!" and other claims. When Braden was ten, they finally got a divorce. When everything was signed, Bradens mother took him under his wing, and moved into the suburbs, because his mom "Hated the city".

Braden then was raised as a simple kid, going to school, where he found that he had a knack for Science and Math. Never very athletic, though wanting to get better, he always tried out for the sports teams, but usually was outclassed by the more athletic ones.

Always pushed toward the medical field by his mother, he learned basic medical things when he was at a very young age, and got CPR certified when he was 13. When he was old enough to work, he worked at the nearby bar where he learned that even though getting shitfaced wasn't his thing, he still enjoyed learning about the finer things of  alcohol. Even when he was old enough, he still didn't care to leave the bar, as he felt like it was his responsibility to stay there.

Suddenly, Bradens life was turned upside down when the awakening happened. He never really cared for the Yval'Te, and neither did his mom, up until now. As soon as the infected Yval'Te started pouring out of the rifts, he and his mom left the suburbs and went into the country. They managed to make a simple living, scavenging off the sparse houses on the country side, always traveling, always hungry. Along the way Braden learned survival skills, and more medical knowledge from his mom--------------- Until of course, his mom started taking the pills.

Named the happy pills by his mom, though he knew what they were. Anti-depressants found from a pharmacy. Braden hated them. He hated the thought of his own mom drugging herself. I mean, life sucked, but does that mean she should turn to drugs?

I guess Braden was okay with it..Then they ran into a group of friendly people.. They had a girl, about his age named Amy. They hit it off pretty well...I guess you could say too well. They found her fathers stash, and and a..Night of love, you could say. And then, when the sun came up, Amy was pregnant.

So now, he had a pregnant girl to look after, infected to look for, and a mother to keep in check. Life was hard, you could say. And then his mom ran out of happy pills. She got desperate, insisting they needed to go into the city to get some more. Braden insisted that the city was suicide. But his mom after a while, decided hat she was going, either way.

Braden couldn't leave her to go on her own, so Braden, his mom and Amy headed into the city. Dodging the infected left and right, it was going fairly well. Then they reached the pharmacy. That, is when their luck ran out.

The building itself was not stable, with half of its wall missing, a quarter of it caved in, it did not look safe at all. As soon as his mom stepped inside, Braden felt something wrong. Braden stood in the doorway, watching his mom move over to the shelves, searching through for a while, before holding up a bottle of capsules. She gave him the happiest look on Earth...Right before the ceiling collapsed above her, caving in.

Then, the infected came in, from all around them. Him and Amy managed to escape deep into the city, but they were lost, and trapped within. Of course, this is where they delivered the baby. Braden--despite his medical knowledge, had no idea how to deliver a baby. Which of course, led to the death of Amy, who died during childbirth.

Braden, devastated, took the baby and just ran. Ran as fast as he could, a miracle considering that he was out of the city in twenty minutes. Since then, he's roamed the outskirts of towns, raising a child, becoming a nomad.

10 Lines of RP using this auth: (Medical auths = MedRP, Repair Auths = Repair RP, Et cetera.)
Since I'm going to be requesting two Auths (Bartending and medical knowledge) I'm going to dress a wound from a gunshot.

/me kneels down to the man in the carnage of the battlefield, grabbing his med-kit and unzipping it, grabbing a Israeli Tourniquet, wrapping it around the bullet wound quickly, then grabbing him, zipping up his med-kit, dragging him into the nearby building and laying him down on a table.

/me unslings his backpack, opening it and rummaging through it and taking out the previous med-kit, unzipping it and quickly assessing the wound.

/it A gunshot wound in the right side of the man, which doesn't seem to be bleeding too bad, probably meaning that the round did not sever an artery. One closer inspection it appears to have gone clean through, a hole on the back side of him as well.

/me then pulls out some sutures and a standard Ace bandage, then pulling out a pair of scissors, cutting the Tourniquet from earlier.

/me grabs some disinfecting fluid and pouring a small amount into the wound, then grabbing the sutures and hovering over the wound, preparing himself.

/me pushes the needlepoint through the leftmost side of the wound, a little popping noise heard as he drags it across the wound, pushing it through the right side and then tying the suture together.

/me repeats the process, covering the entire front side of his body until it is seal with sutures. He then turns the man around, starting the same process he did to the front side of the man.

/me then rolls the man back over, grabbing the Ace bandage from the side and wrapping it around the mans side, covering the man's sutures with the bandage.

/me reaches over, taking off his backpack and putting it under his head, as a improvised pillow of sorts, letting him rest.

How did this character learn these skills: (Atleast 2 paragraphs, can be explained in backstory.)
I think I explained it in the backstory.

Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, Or if you fail to meet standards while using them that they CAN be revoked? no Yes, I do.
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Post by Captain Snyder on Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:19 am

This guy is a pretty calm person. I doubt he'd abuse this in any way, shape, or form.

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Post by b0bpwns on Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:08 am

+support it's a simple easy to use and coming from a good RPer.


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Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:19 pm

The backstory was decent, albeit certain lines were EXTREMELY short.

As for the /me's they need to be more detailed, especially for a medical scenario details can greatly change what's happening, I've seen someone medrp assisting someone who was shot with a shotgun, and he didn't /me removing the pellets at all, and instead /me'd cauterizing the wounds.

Any wounds to the stomach region, especially from a firearm- would perforate your intestine, along with alot of your stomach region containing well.. your organs, intestine, stomach, liver, kidneys, et cetera. The wound you described being entry and exit instead of a superficial/grazing wound, thus it would be along the interior of the stomach.
The Absolute Zer0's app Abdominal-anatomy-female-154
More often than not the problem with being shot in the stomach is the infection that inevitably insues, as the pressure of the bullet passing through your stomach cavity causes a vacuum to open behind it, damaging your intestinal tract(Perforating?) So there's a hole in your intestine where bacteria can easily escape into the rest of your stomach cavity.

Sorry that was all over the place, but so long as you can improve those /me's, Authorized.
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner

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