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If you'd like a Yval'Te character contact me on steam and inform me! The character's ARE locked only to being for highly trusted members, simply considering the restrictions involving these characters.


Yval'Te Weapons
Telahn Baton: A baton made from an odd blue metal, Carried by Yval'Te Officers for non lethal use, It imbeds shards of Vatun Crystals into the victim, causing an extremely incapacitating electrocution which can last for uptoo five minutes.
Varenti-23: The standard sidearm of Yval'Te Officers, It fires bolts of High velocity plasma roughly the size of a screw, made to cause heavy internal damage.
Terai-5: A compact Assault Rifle, It fires bolts of plasma the size of Double A batteries. Made to be lethal, and kill opposition.
Rachen-98: The Yval'Te version of a riot-control firearm, It utilizes slow-burn, low velocity plasma, Meant to stick to opposition and destroy equipment, and cause severe burns.
Mortif-4: A heavy assault rifle, It's made to fire bursts of plasma at high velocities, meant to swiftly cut down opposition.

Yval'Te Armor
Welffe: Infantry Body Suit, Composed of a white jumpsuit, with silver toned metal decorations along it, It protects against slashing/precision weaponry, And withstand some plasma rounds before the integrity of the armor breaks.
Volpa: Stealth infantry body suit, composed of a black jumpsuit with white toned metal decorations, The helmets are designed to conceal the user's eyes, and inspire intimidation, an optional vocoder in the helmet, Built to withstand medium caliber rounds, Deduct physical trauma, and withstand many plasma rounds before the integrity of the armor breaks.

The Yval'Te Physdesc/abilities
are a species very similar to humanity, Though with notable physical differences, they stand 7'4 on average, Only having four toes, and have black hair. Though the Yval'Te born into noble, or aristocratic families often have red, or blonde hair, Eye colors typically ranging between deep purples, to light pinks, Their skin remaining a light gray hue, Their sense of smell exponentially stronger than that of a human, though their hearing weaker, making them incapable of sensing the direction of a particular sound.
The average Human being can carry uptoo 40 pounds comfortably, meanwhile the average Yval'Te can carry 80 pounds comfortably, Weighing 400 pounds typically, Capable of throwing one hell of a punch.
Though the serious cons to being an Yval'Te in a human dominated world is that nothing fits you, human firearms, armor, and clothing are incapable of being used by a Yval'Te, unless modified specifically for them. though the same is true for humans about Yval'Te firearms, and armor.
The Yval'Te age incredibly gracefully, middle age by their standards being in the 300 year old range, "Official" adulthood being at roughly 100 years old(The human equivalent of 18.)

Their home planet is referred too as "Prithvi"
The northern mountains lack foliage, and is extremely cold all days of the year, Layers of volcanic ash litter the planet.
Meanwhile the southern jungles have trees slightly larger than red woods, And rivers that connect to a multitude of lakes, and the vast ocean.
The planet is divided into two sects, The north and south. each has unique traditions, architecture, and cultures. Santih the northern nation, Mahamaya the southern nation.

Santih Traditions, and Actions
The cities of Santih are massive, vertically built towers meant to contain all of the requirements to sustain life, and have an atmosphere independent from the outside, having established technological dominance when they discovered their nation was built upon a massive mine of Vatun Crystals.
Their cities surrounded by massive walls, The towering structures all interconnected by pathways, each serving it's own purposes.. whether security, financial, industrial, or residential.
Their cities are interconnected by rail systems, bullet trains carrying goods, and people between cities.
Their government is ran by a senate one member elected from each province.

Yval'Te from Santih hold social skills in high esteem, tending to wear heavy duty clothing lined with fur, though they attempt to keep a formal look to their clothing. Often keeping gloves on. They stand anywhere from 7'4 to 7'8 due to advanced studies in eugenics, along with "Birth Pods" becoming the new normal, though through this they have lost all respect towards religions typically claiming to have no belief in any given religion. The formal greeting between their kind is the act of presenting a palm flat, upward toward another Yval'Te, while another rubs their palm down against theirs.
Their music is most commonly similar to opera, remaining soft to the ear.

Mahamaya Traditions, and Actions.
The jungles of Mahamaya are extremely harsh, most of it's indigenous population is extremely xenophobic, maintaining guerrilla tactics, and stealth above diplomacy.
Due to the lack of hostile atmospheric threats in their environment, They build small villages scattered throughout the jungles, Their villages connected by pathways marked by heavily salting certain sections of grass, in order to form symbols, often having to fight off both the Flora, and the Fauna.
Yval'Te from Mahamaya are typically between 6'10, and 7'2. wearing light weight, and efficient clothing. caring very little for fancy, and dressy clothing. They maintain a very strict ZERO physical contact rule(Unless with someone they hold an extreme bond with) due to outbreaks of infections, and diseases touching is often considered a great act of endearment.
They are extremely superstitious, often believing in an array of deities.

Though something that is not culture based, the Yval'Te all understand that a bite is final, often mercilessly killing the bitten individual unless they have had a tempered bond, in which case they often attempt to remove the limb entirely in order to attempt and save that individual.
Those with an amputated limb are often considered worthless by all Yval'Te, and the person who cares for them is expected to pick up both their duties, and the duties of the one they're caring for.

Yval'Te Naming.
Most Yval'Te will be given english names, though the ones born back in Prithvi will have "traditional" names(Which can be supplied to you by an admin.) more often than not similar to roman names.

Yval'Te Playstyle.
As a Yval'Te, you're meant to be anti-social towards humans, bearing many scars from the 'Refugee' Camps, Most Yval'Te aren't capable of speaking english properly due to that fact, leaving them primarily as Yaati'Da speakers(by typing /v -words-). though one speaking english fluently isn't unheard of, Their stature causing them to eat three times as much as an average human, along with giving them difficulties with entering buildings, often forcing them to crouch down to enter properly.

Glossary of Yaati'De words, and phrases. (Yaati'De being the language used by the Yval'Te)
"Savate" - A formal greeting used between Yval'Te, only used to highly honored human beings.
"Seveta" - An affectionate version of "Savate" used to greet individuals they're extremely fond of.
"Asa tivna." - A saying for the dead, often used by Santih Warriors, roughly translated as "Rest Peacefully."
"Euma svel et hamen." - "Human(s) leave my home." Used to indicate places where humans aren't welcome.
"Oblitun et umba" - The saying often used prior to combat, often translated as "Fate favor me"
"Hamen" - The word for "Home"
"Kritah" - The term for "Corrupted" it's more often than not used to describe someone who was bitten.
"Suhn" - The term for "Pure" it's normally used to describe an artifact that was purified.
"Svel et ponm" - Meaning "Pardon my leave"  used when they choose to leave.
"Mohkan" - Used to call out "Wendigo"(Zombies)
"Duerma" - meaning "Useless" "Shitty" or generally "Worthless"
"Traehaya" - The Yaati'Da phrase for "Paradise"
"Euma" - Used to identify a Human Being.
"Devu" - Used to identify a Male Yval'Te.
"Devi" - Used to identify a Female Yval'Te.
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