Henry Crighton's Survival Auths.

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Henry Crighton's Survival Auths. Empty Henry Crighton's Survival Auths.

Post by Nutella on Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:41 am

Steam ID: I'm on my phone right now, I'll get it later.

Time in the server: Four days, I believe.

What skills are you applying for: For my main character, Henry Crighton, to be an expert in Wilderness survival, especially in extreme cold areas.

Why do you need this authorization?: Idk, to enhance the RP a bit. It's no fun staying huddled around Haven all day since that's the only warm place. Henry can build fires too, yah know.

Character name: Henry Crighton.

Backstory: (Atleast 3 paragraphs.)

Henry Crighton was born in Deerborne, Michigan. His life was rather boring, an average person, in an average family. He really stood out when it came to sports, especially at the Highschool level. He was a standout on the baseball and football team at the local highschool However, he never chased his dreams into college ball, as real life matters came first. His dad died in a freak car accident, causing his families financial woes to free fall, and Henry had to take care of his grieving mother and younger sister. Having issues holding down a job in Deerborne, he moved to Minnesota, where he took up a life of Lumberjacking, which barely paid the bills. When the company had to foreclose, well, he lost his job.

Broken, not being able to support his family, Henry grieved. An opportunity came knocking on his door in the form of a reality TV show. A show where a group of people attempt to survive in the Alaskan wilderness for six months. Three teams if five people would compete. Whoever tapped out first, would be elimanated. Henry, would be paired with the Lumberjack faction of the show. Each member would win 100,000 dollars, more then enough for Henry to keep his family afloat. Henry packed his bags, kissed his mom and sister, and set out for the Alaskan wild...

Upon arriving, Henry grew accustomed to his new surroundings. Despite a rocky start, Henry's knowledge of the outdoors grew. The older members of his group taught him many things. In which Henry executed, after some error. Learning to chop trees, form tents, hunt for small game, big game, melt snow, find edible berries, fish with limited gear, Henry touched each subject in his journey. He enjoyed his time, and it was nearing the end of the film session. His team had won...

Chaos ensued. Henry knew he had to reach home. The Alaskan city of Anchorage had been hit hard from the infection. Henry and his team were celebrating their victory, when some infected burst through the doors, attacking everyone in sight. Henry quickly got his wits about him, trying to get home to his family. He was a long way from Minnesota, but, he knew he could get there with the knowledge he knew... It'd take him a couple of years..

10 Lines of RP using this auth: (Medical auths = MedRP, Repair Auths = Repair RP, Et cetera.)

**Henry rubbed his hands together, the frigid cold nippeing at his heels. Henry trudged forward, through the snow, before entering an abandoned building.

**Henry, still shivering, looked around, his eyes resting on some shit tier wood, probably broken up over the years.

**Henry jogged towards the pile, taking a knee near it. He shrugged off his pack, opening it up, searching.

**Henry eventually pulled out a small metal box, wrapped in a frigid cloth rag. He popped it open, dumping the contents out, into a ragged newspaper under the pile.

**The contents appear to be several dull embars, giving off a low glow.

**Henry slowly breaths into the embars, giving them new life. The paper slowly begins to smolder, then burst into flames.

**Henry jumps into action, putting small pieces if kindling on top of the dim flames, which begin to grow exponentially.

**The rest of the pile begins to catch fire. Henry rests by the warm glow, setting aside a small rabit which had been gutted and skinned earlier. It begins to defrost, and then eventually cook after some time.

**Henry leans back, removing most of his layers of clothing, gnawing on the rabbit and thawed and drinking thawed and boiled snow. He waited through the night..

**Henry waited in the snowdrift, using his white clothes and falling snow to his advantage, much like he did in Alaska.

**The military patrol walks by, scanning the area with their high powered rifles. One stops, looking in the general direction of Henry.

**Henry ducks, his white hoodie blending into the snow, along with the snow piling on too of it. He shivers, the snow melting into his clothes from his body heat.

**The military man, satisfied, moves on, catching up with the rest of the patrol.

**Henry grins from underneath his Underarmour cloth head scarf (idk what to fucking call it.) He pushes himself out the snow, going the opposite way of the patrol.

(There's so many ways to use this knowledge. These two are probably the most common ones I'll use, however.)

How did this character learn these skills: (Atleast 2 paragraphs, can be explained in backstory.) In the back story.

Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, Or if you fail to meet standards while using them that they CAN be revoked?: Yes. Absolutely.


(Sorry, it's pretty shit tier right now, at least to my usual standards. Its literally 12:25 AM, and I did it on my phone. I can expand, if you want. You guys know I'm a decent RPer, so, maybe that helps my case.


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Henry Crighton's Survival Auths. Empty Re: Henry Crighton's Survival Auths.

Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:22 am

I'm sorry man but this app isn't entirely on par, almost EVERYONE is an expert of surviving in the wilderness at this point, and you didn't do much other than that you sure can have authorizations to be capable of building fires. <3

The lore change should be taken into account mind you, it won't affect your authorization at all except the backstory.
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