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Post by Fox - Dpplgngr is owner on Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:51 am

Server Rules
1: Don't Metagame.
2: Don't Asspull.
3: Don't Propclimb.
4: Respect your fellow players in OOC.
5: RapeRP isn't allowed, Yes. that includes "Fading to black"
6: ERP must be kept to steamchat.
7: You may not raid faction bases when the faction is offline.
8: If an infected character is killed, they must wait atleast 5 minutes before they may respawn and patrol.
9: Cross Character interaction isn't allowed.(One of your characters cannot directly interact with another)
10: You may not break into owned Houses/Bases while the players are offline.
11: When looting a player you recently killed, you may only take 3 items total, only counting one of the weapons they had equip(To avoid item whores.)

Forum Rules
1: No shit posting.
2: You may NOT post Pornography/anything erotic, Shock images, Shock videos, Or anything illegal.
3: Usernames may not be racist.
4: Do not harass your fellow members.
5: Respect your fellow members.
6: Don't app beg, As a rule of thumb NEVER beg super admins to read your application.
7: Don't make your signature anything exorbitantly obnoxious.

Staff Members:
Owner - Dpplgngr
-More will be added later-
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner
Fox - Dpplgngr is owner

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