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Post by Alucard on Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:23 am

Name: Denise Walterson
Age: 20, born 5/13/1996
Birthplace: Somewhere in rural Kansas

Muted Blonde Hair|Brilliant Green Eyes|Caucasian Complexion|Bruising on Face|Bandage wrapped around Right Eye|Green Beanie|Small Satchel|Beige Shirt|Black Pants|Worn Boots

Voice: Denise speaks very quietly and timidly, and often not at all. With no relative accent, it's safe to assume she's American.


Courageous: Born with an insatiable and sometimes morbid curiosity, Denise has a penchant for volunteering for dangerous activities.

Agile: If growing up in the woodlands of Kansas taught Denise anything, it's how to scale vertical structures, jump far, land softly, and all without breaking a sweat or a bone.

Survivalist: Used to being on her own, Denise also recalls various lessons from her father's hunting trips that he would take the young Denise on. While not exactly the Bear Grylls of the apocalypse, she understands the basics, including but not limited to: Hunting Game (up to a badger), Skinning and processing small animals, Proper fire pit cooking, Treating minor injuries, and Don't drink the yellow snow.

Weak: Denise was not born a fighter, and having lost her trusty shotgun in past events, she's not cut-out for CQC.

Scared: Recent events have subjected Denise to both real-world mishaps and terrifying recurring hallucinations and night terrors. This has left her inherently afraid of most things she encounters in the wild.

Hungry: Denise is in a constant state of hunger ever since the destruction of her warehouse. She's been barely scraping along with melted snow and small animals that she can't effectively catch. This has obviously taken a toll on her already frail endurance and strength.

Animosity|Hated|Distrust|Neutral|Trusted|Associate|Friend|Loved One

Most Everyone: Denise's current state of mind has burned the impression that every human being means her harm, given that her night terrors began when someone burned down her warehouse, and she was separated from a very special someone.

"No way, people are too...ruthless to want to trust on a whim. I used to be the one scaring people and calling shots, much for a base of operations anymore."

Art Whalen: Denise's first human encounter in two weeks, they met when Denise unsuccessfully tried to hide from him in the Haven Guard Post building. They have since gotten Denise's first meal after two days of nothing, and thus Denise has made an exception.

"He seems...nice enough to not want to shoot. Not that I have a gun anymore. He also seems a bit too interested in my well-being, but I suppose it's by-and-by with other people too. I hope. Granted, he gave me peaches, but I'm sure I would've found them myself."

Jeremy 'Biggs' Peterson A robust man who's first interaction with her was nothing but offering help, Denise has since categorized the man with the same friendliness she offers Art.

"He offered to help move a crate, and I'm not going to lie to myself: He scared me when I first saw him. I wanted to give him a new pair of boots, but they didn't fit. I hope no one's still making fat jokes. Gentle giants don't need that bull these days."

Delaney Phillips: Delaney's first interaction with Denise was draping her arms over Denise's shoulders, far too close for comfort for the paranoid blonde. However, Denise figures it was out of concern, considering she was standing away from the fire at the time. In spite of a near heart attack suffered at Delaney's hands, Denise isn't ready to hate the other woman just yet.

"She seems to be interested in my well-being like that other guy, but she's abit..touchy. Too touchy for me. Seriously, she just waltzed up and draped her arm over me, like we were buddies. Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh, even though she did almost stop my heart."

James 'Runner' Vakholensky: She knows him as the leader of the establishment Haven and is eternally grateful for the food she received, but still insists on not wasting it on her. His appearance still leaves lingering doubts about his character. She doesn't distrust him, but can't risk trusting him just yet.

"He probably means well, but when has being the leader of such a large establishment been good for your character? I speak from first hand, but I suppose free food is a plus. He mentioned bedding, but no way am I risking snoozing next to them. He shouldn't be wasting the food on me anyway. I'm sure there's still rabbits out there."

David Spoffly: She's known him for a very short amount of time, but she trusts him enough. Even though he's the reason she lost her left arm, it was because she was bitten. Quick response time saved her life, and she'll be willing to do the same. She technically did.

"I'm currently writing this with my right hand, due to not having the other arm. I think he could've done something else for the bite, but I suppose it's too late now. I almost saved his life, so he did the same. Maybe we'll even find a prosthetic someday. We'll find out how to attach it."

Expert|Competent|Needs Work|Terrible

Weapons: Shotguns
Scavenging: Empty Shit
Weapons: Knives
Radio Handler
Medical Knowledge
Scavenging: Fresh Food
Caloric Intake

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Post by Swarx on Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:47 pm

Add Delaney Phillips xD


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Post by Noahleahy on Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:57 pm

Add James 'Runner' Vakholensky.

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Denise 'Acolyte' Walterson Empty Re: Denise 'Acolyte' Walterson

Post by Alucard on Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:47 pm


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Denise 'Acolyte' Walterson Empty Re: Denise 'Acolyte' Walterson

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