IC Character Page Template (Not official)

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IC Character Page Template (Not official)

Post by Captain Snyder on Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:52 pm

For if you're like me, and you want a quick, good template for an IC page.

Feel free to re-decorate as you please, this is just what I use.

(copy & paste)

*EXAMPLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YmMNpbFjp0 becomes https://www.youtube.com/v/3YmMNpbFjp0
But ^ can be annoying.


[i][color=#333399][size=18](Quote here)[/size][/color][/i][/center]



[center][color=#333399][size=24]-Status sheet-[/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Hair: [/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Eyes: [/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Weight: X/Y (Equipment)[/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Height: [/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Ethnic: [/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Mental Health:[/size][/color][/center]

[center][color=#333399][size=18]Physical Health: [/size][/color][/center]


[center][color=#333399][size=24]-Journal Logs-[/size][/color][/center]

[b][u]Journal Log: 001:[/u][/b][i]  [/i]


[center][color=maroon]Scorned[/color], [color=red]Hated[/color], [color=orange]Not liked[/color], [color=white]Indifferent[/color], [color=green]Okay[/color], [color=limegreen]Friend[/color], [color=lightblue]Need to Protect[/color], [color=pink]Family[/color], [color=#cc33cc]Dead/Gone[/color][/center]
Captain Snyder
Captain Snyder

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Re: IC Character Page Template (Not official)

Post by b0bpwns on Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:37 am

thanks 5 this


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